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Turn on the TV in the early days of February and you can’t miss promotions for the upcoming “holiday”! The celebratory possibilities with those you love are endless. I fondly remember that 1st time roses delivery that arrived back in February of 1978. Wow! Did I feel special!!

A break up brings a sudden halt to a happy face on Valentine’s Day. But you can plan a different celebration. What I know for sure is there doesn’t have to be a special love in your life to create a special memory! All you really need is someone you love – a child, a parent, a sibling, a relative, a friend, and/or neighbor. There’s no reason not to feel the love on February 14th.

Here are six suggestions on how to create memories sans a spouse, girl/boyfriend, significant other:

  1. Visit a cosmetic counter at the local retail store and request a makeover. No purchase required. The makeup artists are happy to make you beautiful! You’ll definitely feel better and look marvelous!
  2. Plan a “red” Valentine’s Day dinner with kids! Have the kids choose the menu. The possibilities are endless. Red lettuce and tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, beets, cherry jello and strawberry ice cream! The beets may not be a huge hit, but they pass the “red” test!
  3. Invite friends, adults and children, to attend a V-Day craft project party. You might be surprised at how many of your friends are available and happy to join you for a special afternoon of crafts. Don’t assume that every coupled friend has a “date” on February 14th.
  4. If the kids are older, they can plan, cook and serve the special dinner! This was one of the most special Valentine’s Day memories. There were 4 busy kids donning aprons and chef hats working diligently to present a special meal to their four moms. The kids also had a newfound appreciation for the work required to put a meal on the table.
  5. Everyone loves a pot of soup, a salad, loaf of bread and bottle of wine to provide warmth and comfort on a cold night in February. A friend who had a hearing scheduled in divorce court for Valentine’s Day (of all days), invited a table of friends to join her that evening so she could focus on the love of friends. It worked. Years later, she still talks about it.
  6. Celebrate with family. A wonderful phyllo wrapped salmon (pink) dinner with my daughter and my mother provided another opportunity to make a memory. The heart shapes cut into the dough brought smiles to our faces. That year’s dinner brought together three generations of loving and happily single women.

Make Valentine’s Day a special day for you! Join with someone else and make a memory that you’ll long remember. At some point, there may be a significant other in your life, but until then, continue to celebrate the other loves in your life!