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Who does a divorce coach help, and when is the best time to call?

The short answer is: you, and right now.

If you have been served with divorce papers and are confused by the process, the terms, the legalities … call me. I’ll walk you through all the information you need to put you in control of the situation and enable you to make good decisions.

If you’re considering a divorce, you need to create a plan first – even before you contact an attorney. Things work better if you start with goals and a strategy. Call me to work with you to map out your divorce. I’ll help you identify your key priorities and formulate a strategy to get you where you want to go.

Your divorce proceedings may already be underway, and you may feel overwhelmed, even shell-shocked. Perhaps you’ve experienced a major conflict with your spouse, attended a court hearing or received a large invoice from your attorney. I’ll work with you from where you are and help straighten out the tangles.

And maybe you’re almost at the end of the divorce process. Call me. The danger at this point is that you probably just want to get it all over with … but you still have some serious steps to go through, possibly including a long and complicated property settlement agreement. I can be the extra set of eyes and ears you need to finish strong.

All it takes is one call.
Don’t hesitate: call me at (610) 687-1414 today.

Client Testimonials

“Sheila was one of the few people with whom I could discuss my situation who possessed understanding and objectivity. Close friends and family were emotionally involved and although well intentioned, did not have the extensive firsthand experience that Sheila does in navigating a divorce or potential divorce.”

– Stephanie, Client

“Sheila has the perfect blend of personal experience and personal characteristics – the latter in spades: compassion, empathy, confidence, dependability, foresight, assertiveness and a “you can do it ” attitude. Her clients are very fortunate to have her on their side.”

– Tina, Mentor

“Though everyone has an attorney and financial planner, which are both crucial, a Divorce Coach has become just as invaluable. Sheila acts as both an intermediary between the professionals, and an advocate and extra ear for the client. Her constant communication and knowledge about how the divorce process works helps to put clients at ease.”

– Tricia, Certified Financial Planner

“From a lawyer’s perspective, it can be amazingly helpful to have a coach like Sheila giving the client some reality checks in this very stressful process. Often clients have unrealistic expectations and they do not accept the limitations they face when described to them from their attorney advocate. Sheila is both a support system and a reality check. She makes a great addition to a client’s support team.”

– Laura R. Studen, Esquire

“How often I heard, “I feel your pain” or “I know how you must feel”. As well intentioned as it was, I wanted to scream, “No You Don’t Know How I Feel!” Having been through a divorce gives you a different perspective. I never felt as though Sheila’s services were a “business deal”. She’s a coach in every sense of the word – a mentor, trainer, supporter and an educator.”

– Kelle, Client

“Before working with Sheila, I had severe anxiety about facing my ex in court. I found myself feeling baited and reacting in ways that did not demonstrate what was really important to me – my kids. Sheila was an extremely calming influence. With her help, I kept my focus on the issues instead of my emotions. Her perspective on the complex legal system was invaluable. Sheila helped me to demonstrate my best self to the court.”

– Don, Client

Make the first move to take charge of your divorce: call (610) 687-1414 today.

Make the first move to take charge of your divorce: call (610) 687-1414 today.

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