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I provide you with all the services you need, because I am your personal advocate in the divorce process.

As your divorce coach, I will work with you in a wide variety of areas. Here is a sample of what you can expect, depending on your unique needs:

Family Support

  • Develop a parenting plan that works for your family
  • Assist in child-related components of the divorce process
  • Work with you to understand the complexities of shared parenting
  • Create a calendar to visualize the new schedule

Financial Support

  • Provide a current and future financial overview
  • Create a post-divorce budget
  • Interpret financial issues
  • Be proactive with all financial aspects of divorce

Organizational Support

  • Assist in regaining control of a chaotic situation
  • Identify and prioritize tasks
  • Be prepared for each aspect of divorce

Strategic Support

  • Identify divorce options and design creative solutions
  • Determine goals and create an action plan
  • Build divorce “must have” and “nice to have” lists
  • Provide support to handle complicated and stressful issues
  • Recommend other professional advice when needed

Emotional Support

  • Provide a venue to “vent” and “process” without incurring attorney’s fees
  • Offer accessibility on weekends and evenings when divorce “happens”
  • Manage and mitigate reactions and responses
  • Distinguish business matters from emotional issues
  • Reduce the overall abrasive and destructive effects of divorce

Legal Support

  • Provide guidance in the attorney-selection process
  • Supply an overview of the divorce process and how it works
  • Clarify legalese
  • Assist in the formation of a functional alliance between you and your attorney
  • Organize divorce documents and materials
  • Identify key points in documents that contain complex legal language

Communication Support

  • Help develop effective communication skills
  • Provide training in the art of negotiating
  • Create or edit communications between parties: spouse, attorneys, accountants, etc.
  • Anticipate and prepare for opportunities and scenarios through role playing

Make the first move to take charge of your divorce: call (610) 687-1414 today.

Make the first move to take charge of your divorce: call (610) 687-1414 today.

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